Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Cup Bon @ Cheras Leisure Mall

This is a newly opened stall in Cheras Leisure Mall, next to Vietnam Kitchen. Decided to try it since there is a "buy one free one promotion", hence, costing only 4 ringgit for both. It is kinda like a hybrid between ice blended fruit juice with a twist of taiwanese bubble tea.

The stall is kinda cute, with a "C" design as a design representing "Cup Bon"

Yogurt Flavor
Pure yogurt is used, and unless you are a pure yogurt lover, the initial taste will be alil bit sour and strange. But a few sips, and you might get use to it

Mango Flavor
This tasted quite nice, not too sweet or sour. The ice is blended till super fine, hence, flavor is equally dispersed.

Pros: Finely blended ice

Cons: Doesnt worth RM4.00 per cup bon.

Result: 5.5/10

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Eddie Lim said...

i was wondering where u shot the photo.....after some time, i notice it was inside your car!!!!