Sunday, 5 July 2009

Amarin Heavenly Thai

Since coming back from Thailand not long ago, I become a fan of tom yam and thai food. After failing to satisfied my palate in Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid months ago, I decided to have some try at yet another Thai Restaurant namely Amarin Heavenly Thai.

Liang Bing suggests to go to flying chilies in The Garden, but I opt Amarin Heavenly Thai in Mid Valley Megamall instead. Not knowing that actually Thai Thai, Flying Chilies and Amarin Heavenly Thai were managed by the same company, I was surprise to see the same menu, at these 3 places.

Here is what we ordered.

Pattaya Fried Rice with drumstick – RM 16
The fried rice is tasty with lot of ingredient but the drumstick is not juicy and tender enough. The worst part, the drumstick is not fresh and taste like it was just out of the freezer.

Tom Yam Mee Hoon – RM 15
Sorry to say but I think any restaurant can cook better tom yam than this

Pineapple fried rice – RM 16
One of the best pineapple fried rice I ever tasted. There is chicken floss on top of the rice which makes it taste very special and nice.

Chicken Basil Leave with Rice – RM 16
It looks so normal but it taste quite nice.

Green Curry Chicken – RM 16
I guess the kitchen it either run out of basil and mint or the chef forgotten about it…It taste like normal curry except the color was green!!! Really a turn off…

Thai Ice Tea – RM 9
I tasted the real Thai Ice Tea in Thailand and it taste so heavenly. But Thai ice tea in Amarin was a turnoff for me….

Natural Green Tea – RM 8

Cappucino Ice Blended – RM 10

Total burn in out wallet: RM 161.60 for 6 pax


nicholascsc said...

I was having class till late. Too bad I was late and unable to join u all!!! I went there with my classmates before and the Green curry was very nice but don't know this time not so nice as per Yong Joo's comment!!!

chuayt said...
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chuayt said...

environment was nice and cosy, but the food was mediocre....
Pineapple fried rice was not bad but
Tom yam vermicelli sold by a thai operated stall in mahkota coffee shop is better..

The Iced Thai Tea is overpriced for its quality

Lilian said...

I went for Good Evening Bangkok in 1 U once. The Thai food are are not bad. Should try that.