Monday, 13 July 2009

Restoran Loi Fatt

I have been frequenting this restaurant since few years ago, and is hooked to its dishes since then..Although the ambiance of this restaurant is more like a kampung styled eatery, the food they served are on par with many popular restaurants in KL.

This is the signboard of the restaurant, theres a new one called loi fatt baru just beside of it, but i prefer the taste of the original loi fatt.

A freshly deep fried gigantic spring roll/meat loaf stuffed with pork and some other ingredients(not sure coz cant identify, but can surely taste how good it is)

Fried Tofu in thick vegetable based gravy
This is one of the best dish that they offer. smells great and tasted evn greater....espcially when its piping hot.

Kangkung in Belachan
This tasted much better compared to Jimmy and Nong. Kangkung is fresh and crunchy while the taste and proportion of belachan is spot on.

Asam/Tomyam Steamed Fish
The Asam paste and the vegetables that go with it complements the fish. The taste of sour, spicy and sweet is nicely combined.

The grand finale- Sweet and sour Crab
This is the best sweet and sour crab i've ever tasted, no doubt about that. the gravy is soooo thick and tasted very pungent, thanks to the varieties of spices and sauces in it.

Salted Egg Crab
This dish caught us by suprise, coz we did not expect that a salted egg crab will be served wet, coz normally, they are served dry. However, it tasted quite unique with a tinge of "lai yau har" and salted egg combination.
Total price: RM 138.50

Pros: Rare dish, nicely cooked with sufficient ingredients added to the dishes

Cons: Priced a lil bit above average, for instance, the two crabs costs 63 ringgit

Result: 7.7/10

Address: 168, 9th Mile, N/V, Cheras, Selangor.
Tel: 03-90758035


georgetan86 said...

crab is not cheap.... u'll find the cheapest crab at the range of RM50...

Eddie Lim said...

belacan kangkung again!!! thoong chai really like kangkung lolx....anyway, you can consolidate all kangkung belacan in KL into 1 post already....hehe