Sunday, 2 August 2009

Kedai Kopi dan Makan Seong Kee

If my memory serve me right, we have yet to publish any post on dim sum specialist, ironically our blog name is Harkau Siewmai. We actually visit this shop long time ago and we went there quite frequent. Kedai Kopi dan Makan Seong Kee is a famous dim sum shop at Taman Connaught, Cheras. As we all know, Taman Connaught is well famous for varieties of dim sum.

This shop have many customers everyday especially saturday and sunday. Sometimes there are too many customers and the workers there have to use microphone to control the situation. If you come here, you will notice it is very difficult to get a parking because most parking lots are occupied by the cars from the shop's customers.

Besides har kau and siu mai, there are bao, no mei kei, chu chong fen, puding, lo bak gou, gao zhi, chao mei fen and many more.

As regular customers here, we notice the taste getting worse as compared to our earliest visit. In addition, the choices and varieties are reduced as well. Perhaps their business is too good and unable to maintance the quality of the foods. Moreover the price is increase results from previous inflation effect.

However, despite the drop of quality and increase of prices, it is still remain a nice place to enjoy a morning braze with little pieces of dedicacies.

My verdict:
(Taste = 5.0, Texture = 6.5, Aroma = 7.5, Environment = 7.5, Afforability = 6.0, Services = 7.0)
In Total = 6.6 / 10.0


Vivien said...

sometimes feel very "zai" after dim sum because of all the meaty stuff

Lilian said...

maybe should try those in ipoh. I went to a dimsum restaurant in sg petani before, most of the dimsum are made from prawn, thus not so 'zai'. And its really affordable.