Thursday, 29 April 2010

Penang Laksa @ Ayer Itam - Revisited

If there is a thing that I will regret leaving Penang without it would be eating Penang Laksa.

Penang Laksa or more famous as Asam Laksa in KL is not really my favourite food. The spicy and sour soup filled with stinky fish and prawn paste look very disgusting at the first look.

However, Penang Laksa at Ayer Itam prove my theory wrong for the first time last year when I was in Penang and when I visited Penang this year, I make it a must to visit place despite I have a tight schedule.

The stall is located at Ayer Itam market which added more 'stink' to the food. I reckon that there is tasted better Penang Laksa in other place but somehow, Ayer Itam one are still my liking.

The broth wasn't that stinky compare to other stall as the prawn paste was quite diluted. However, I appreciate the amount of fish inside the broth. The amount of mints and vegetable goes very well with springy noodles.

Yum yum....I just love the laksa with the sugar cane drink from stall nearby....

A must try!!!

Refer to my old post...Penang Laksa 2009...I could believe I capture almost the same photo as well...

Penang Laksa 2009

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