Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bangkok Street Food - Pork noodles

In my mind, I always thought every street in Bangkok will sell tomyam...but to my horror, I couldn't even find tomyam in Bangkok except those high end restaurant.

On the other side, every street in Bangkok do sell Pork Noodles.

A bowl of noodles serve with blacken soup with few pieces of pork tender meat and fish ball is what I see everywhere.

The noodles is white in color and not like those we have in KL (KL serve yellow color noodles). The soup resemble the bah kut teh broth but it taste rather bland. Every table it come with 4 side ingredient which we can add on ourselves. The 4 things are vegetable, sugar, chili flack, and peanut. In some places they even have fish sauce and vinegar pepper as well.

Thailand people are very healthy. There serve vegetable for free. You can add those vegetable as much as you can.....

So next time you go to Chatuchak, or where ever in Bangkok, stop by and enjoy a a bowl of this delicacy...

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