Saturday, 24 April 2010

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack@ Tropicana City Mall

Actually a visit to Shihlin wasn't part of my plan in TCM(Tropicana City Mall). It was craving of a friend of mine towards the XXL Fried Chicken, of which i reluctantly agreed with the promise that the Oyster Mee Sua was rather good.

The XXL chicken, or better known as the Shihlin Fried Chicken, was rather good with crisp on the outside and tender in the inside. I rather like this compared to Uncle Bob, which can be very spicy at some point. But there's one thing that I would like to set as a reminder( the outlet in Tropicana doesn't cut the chicken into pieces and that you have to bite on them as they come in a big piece-not sure about other outlet though). However, the price was rather high(RM 6) for a piece of chicken for a meal.

The Oyster Mee Sua was rather good with the thick broth( mind that I am rather picky on mee sua) and 3 oysters. The aroma was already tempting when the mee sua was placed in front of me. I would definitely go back for it even when the price is rather high(RM6) for such a small helping. But its good enough for a meal.
There were only 2 type of drink served, mineral water(RM2) and V-Soy soya milk(RM2.50).
Was definitely a good try if you happen to shop at Tropicana City Mall(on the same floor as Carrefour)

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