Sunday, 11 April 2010

MBK Fifth Food Avenue

Finding a food in Bangkok is never a problem. Every nook and corner, you can just find food to fill your empty stomach.

From street food to luxury restaurant, you will have hard time to decide where to eat.

Talking about Bangkok, one cannot run away from shopping...There is lot of huge shopping mall selling goods from fashion to technology ware.

MBK was one of them. MBK stand for Mah Boon Krong is a huge shopping mall that sell everything under the sun. I would say, it resemblem a Chatuchak Market with covered and air-condition place.

After a long day walking at the mall, one can go to fifth floor for a good meal.

MBK Fifth Food Avenue serve food from local Thai, Balinese, Arabian, Western, Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Japanese, Korean, Hainanese, Vietnamese and even Vegetarian.

The price is above average but with the sofa seating and 'free Thai Ice Tea' for tourist, I believe it was quite reasonable.

Here is what we order:

Balinese Special Fried Rice
Warning to those small eater, this portion will be more than enough for 2 person. It come with huge plate of fried rice serve with 2 Indonesian Satay, one fried chicken with special sauce and a egg.

Green Curry with Rice
The green curry taste good but lack of mint aroma. Somehow I feel that Bangkok Green Curry do not have strong basil and mint taste as compare to those we have in Malaysia.

Prathai which resemble Malaysian version of Fried Keow Tiaw is a very famous dish in Bangkok. It come with chili flake, sugar and peanut to add the aroma and taste.

The food court system uses touch and go system whereby one will get a card and for each food we order, an amount will be inserted into the cards. During the check out from the food court, one will need to pay at the counter the price of food consume.

Conclusion, the food was nice and reasonable prices. However we saw some insect flying around the food court. Maybe MBK can consider to have pest control or look into the hygiene matter.

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