Sunday, 2 May 2010

Padthai - Bangkok Fried Keow Teow

Padthai is a traditional food in Bangkok resemble our local fried keow teow.

The rice noodles (keow teow) was much softer than what we can get in Malaysia, more oily in nature and very smooth.

In every street in Bangkok, beside the famous pork noodles, padthai would be available day and night.

Once can choose from original padthai, chicken padthai, seafood padthai to pork padthai. On each table, there is sugar, peanut, thai chilli sauce, chilli flack and fish sauce which one can season the padthai according to our taste.

The difference between padthai with our local fried keow teow is padthai taste much sweeter, oily and smoother.

Anyhow, i somehow prefer padthai over our local keow teow...hehe

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