Friday, 16 April 2010

Restaurant TYY, Sg Ara

I have been working in Penang for some days and I have the opportunity to travel around and eat the best food Penang can offer...

Today we end up in Restaurant TYY, very near to our office to have Yam Rice.

According to the colleague in Penang, the yam rice here is superbly good which is serve with the sour and spicy pork soup. I reckon that the yam rice is delicious and the soup is extremely nice. It was so difficult to get another one nicer than this. We order 2 huge bowl of the soup, one being plain pork with meat ball and another one with all 'pork inner'. We also order braised egg which was cook with the 'vinegar pork knuckle'. Again this is nice but the broth is not sour enough but turn out to be sweet....Still I like it though.

Besides, the restaurant is famous for its chicken rice. We order a plate of 'char siew'. It was very sinful to have fattening char siew with partly 'hangus'. It was very delicious. The char siew is sweet and well cook. I love it..

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