Sunday, 4 April 2010

Bangkok Food - Tangerine Juice

I have just come back from Thailand and we have lotsa food there. We will post one by one and spam the whole blogspot with Bangkok food very very soon.

For the first post, I am going to introduce the famous and the drink that I like the most in Bangkok which is the tangerine juice.

In Bangkok they call it orange juice but for me I will prefer to classified it as tangerine or maybe mandarin oranges as it does not taste like the normal orange that we have in Malaysia.

The freshly squeezed tangerine is place into the bottle and buried under shaved iced to maintain its freshness and add the extra coolness to it.

The juice can be found at almost everywhere in Bangkok with a price tag of 20 Baht which is about RM 2 in Malaysia.

Having a sip of this fresh and sweet tangerine juice really is the biggest kick in Bangkok especially the whole day walking around the HOT city.

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