Friday, 9 April 2010

Mango Sticky Rice

What is the food running on your mind relating to Bangkok?

Majority of us will say Tomyam or prathai.....

How about Mango Sticky Rice?

In every street in Bangkok, you can find people selling Mango. Certain stall also offer sticky rice to eat with mango.

Mango sticky rice is so famous in Bangkok that most Thai Restaurant in Malaysia had also start to sell it. But trust me, none of the sticky rice in Malaysia can beat Bangkok version.

The tasteless sticky rice is cook to perfection and with a little bit of coconut milk that create strong aroma and sweetness is the perfect combination. A small scoop of the sticky rice with a slice of mango melting inside the mouth is the greatest thing ever....Yum Yum....

What a great supper with a can of beer....

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