Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum Damansara Jaya

Well, this photo have been in my harddisk for sometime and I hardly have time to blog about it.

Few months back, I decided to go Genting to have some gamble and thus I meet up with one of my friend who is on the way to Genting to snap some photo for competition. Before we depart we decided to have early dim sum in Damansara Jaya.

Rather than opt to the conventional Hong Kee Dim Sum, we decided to have a try on Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum. Well, the crowd was quite reasonable as it was an public holiday when I visited the shop. It wasn't as crowded as Hong Kee Dim Sum.

Well, patron have to order the dim sum based on the menu given before they steam it. However there is also some waiter walking around with trays of dim sum for us to pick.

Well, this is what we order for 2 person.

Pan Fried Gua Zhi, Fried carrot cake, Fried yam (Wu Gok)



Beancurb skin roll

Pau, Porridge and Char Siew Pau (photo in friend camera)

Review : The dim sum standard is as good as Hong Kee Dim Sum. The dim sum size is quite big and very easy to feel full... Less oily compare to others dim sum shop. Personally i like their Siew Mai the most because it was really compact, tender and springy...The taste of the Siew Mai is also very unique and I like it. The pan fried dumpling (Guo Zhi) taste a bit bland but very juicy inside. Beware when you eat this because the filling inside the thin skin is super duper hot...and the juicy meat can easily burn your tongue....Well, I kena slight burn because too 'tam chiak'....

Conclusion, it was worth the money you spent and Jing Xuan and Hong Kee is at par in term of their service, pricing and food quality

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