Friday, 16 October 2009

Village Restaurant(家乡小馆)@Rawang

It was quite some time that I did not update this food blog. Sorry about that. I am currently auditing a manufacturing company at Rawang and we did go out search for nice food at Rawang area. Last Wednesday, 3 auditors including me went to try the "Winter Melon Soup"(冬瓜盅)and other food at Village Restaurant.

The highlight of course is this:

"Winter Melon Soup"

The "ingredients" of this soup include pork, mushroom, dried scallop, etc. This was my first time to try winter melon soup and 3 of us totally agreed that it was fantastic and very delicious. This is medium size which cost RM20 and large size would cost RM25. This winter melon has the power of keeping warm the soup as well. After half an hour finish another two dishes, the soup was still very hot.

"Smoked Chicken" This cost us RM20 as well per plate. The smoked taste is quite heavy and it was surely not as delicious as winter melon soup.

"Potato Leaf" This cost us only RM6 (so cheap right?). It is very tasty and all of us like it very much.

"Chilli with Ginger" We needed this chilli to cover the heavy taste of the smoked chicken!!!

The address of the restaurant:
No.15-16, Block B, Gerai M.P.S Rawang,
Rawang, Selangor 48000

This restaurant is near to the popular "Lan Je Steamed Tilapia" restaurant. I have yet to try and hope to go before we ended our fieldwork at Rawang!!!

Result: 7/10 (Marks reduced to its distance and not a good environment as it is near to roads but it's really worth a try if you are nearby)

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