Saturday, 10 October 2009

Seri Melur, Setia Alam

I have been working in Setia Alam for almost a year and I have yet to blog any food in Setia Alam.

Restaurant Sri Melur, is famous for its spicy nasi kandar which a lot of variety of food. I always eat Briyani with curry chicken or mutton. It was extremely nice. As it is very impolite for me to snap photo especially dining with my manager or boss, thus, there is not much photo of food snap in Setia Alam.

However, a search on my photo folder reveal one photo that I can use for blogging purpose. The photo below show a Roti Tisu of at least a metre long. Yes, A metre long!!!

It was cruncy, sweet and very oily. We took about 20 minutes for 4 person to finish the roti tisu....and by the end of our lunch, our finger are greasy and sticky...Thanks to lotsa planta, sugar and condensed milk...

One reminder: Don't seat outsite or near the fan if you order the roti tisu as the strong wind will blow the roti tisu away!!!

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