Monday, 3 August 2009

Kei Tak Sek Dessert House - SS2

Out of sudden, last saturday we are craving for sweeties during the late night thus we stop by at one famous dessert house in SS2 named Kei Tak Sek (remember to eat).

The shop is famous for its chinese dessert such as peanut paste (fah sang wu), red bean (hong tau), green bean (lok tau), black sesame paste (zhi mah wu) and ect.

When we arrive at 11.20pm, we were shock to see a long queue of people waiting to be squeezed into a small shoplots. There is also tables along the corridor of the shops which make it look like a mamak stall.

We settled down after a few minutes waiting just to be told that all dessert have been sold off except peanut paste and green bean. As I don't really like peanut and green bean seem too normal for me, I opt for Sago Loh instead.

Sago loh is actually shaved ice serve with pearl sago and selected blended fruit. I opt for contemporary Mango Sago Loh while Nicholas settle down with this Kiwi Sago Loh. Ken Yap on the other hand choosen a more traditional sweeties which is combination of lotus root with dried chinese date.

The lotus root drink was really refreshing and suitable for those who wanted to reduce thirst. The Sago Loh on the other hand was quite normal and was nothing to shout about.

We also order some side dishes which turn out to be a turn off to me. None of it passed by taste bud. We order baked crab, fried taro (Wu Kok) and lotus paste pancake.

Overall, the ambience was quite nice and noisy like mamak stall. The dessert was ok but the food was totally out of my expectation. However one bad point of this place is the customer turnover was too fast that we can't really have good time enjoying the food as many eye will stare as you immediately after we finish our food!!!

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