Monday, 3 August 2009

Restoran Yoke Heng @ Seri Kembangan

Well, i think this restaurant does not need much intro since its already appeared in "ho Chak" and even The Star food column. Well, decided to give it a try since they offer exotic white "lo shu fun", well, it seems like albino claypot lo shu fun coz usually they are cooked in dark sauce in claypot.

This is how the White Clay Pot "Lo Shu Fun" looks like.
At first it looks like "tau foo kang" to me, but further tasting ensures that there are actually lo shufun underneath the thick gravy.
Butter Fried Chicken Wing
This tasted quite good, in fact, the chicken wings are so fresh, the meat practically need minimal effort to chew.

Yong Chou Fried Rice
The fried rice tasted quite good, with aromatic smell of dried prawns and char siew
Fried Tofu with pork cooked in soy sauce
This tasted pretty good, but is advisable to either go with rice or the claypot lo shufun coz its quite salty
Fried Hokkien Mee + Vermicelli
This dish is cooked to perfection with the right amount of soy sauce and the authentic taste a hokkien mee should have.
Normal Fried Kangkung
The kangkung tasted not bad, and crunchy...
The varieties of food ordered

Pros: Food are quite good, and customer service is good

Cons: Food tasted quite salty, mayb next round need to insist on less salt...haha

Result: 7.8/10 ( 0.2 is deducted coz food is kinda salty)

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