Sunday, 16 August 2009

Jalan Alor – opposite Nova hotel…

I forgot the name of the restaurant already. I am so sorry….but the shop is directly opposite Nova hotel along Jalan Alor.

After a heavy jam due to ISA protest on weeks ago, we decided to have dinner at Jalan Alor. For me, Jalan Alor is more like a place where you can find every food in Malaysia but at a cut-throat price. The food is normally not as nice as other place.

Nicholas recommends us to eat at this particular shop opposite Nova hotel far away from other stall which was full of human. So we settle down and order the food.

Here is what we order.

3 pair of grilled chicken wings as starter. The chicken wings were grill to perfection but the taste is quite bland. I will prefer a stronger honey or spicy taste.

Tom yum steam fish – the fish is quite fresh and well blend with the tom yum paste. However I will prefer a sweeter and sour taste because it was merely spicy and bit of sour.

Fried sotong – The sotong is quite ‘Q’ and taste good. However the shape is kinda weird as the chef didn’t cut the sotong the way it was normally being cut!

Belacan french bean – Nothing to shout about. Other restaurant can cook better than this...

Braised tofu in special sauce – Everyone of us agreed that the chef have put in too much salt on this dish that it spoilt all the good ingredient they put in.

As for our drink, we call fruit juices which come out to be a disappointment to us. My carrot milk juice look more like orange juice instead. Nick orange juice look more to pineapple juice and Fook Weng watermelon juice look like pink guava juice. All the color and taste is totally out of what it suppose to be!

Total bill : RM 129.30

Verdict : The food is average and not up to our expectation. The price is quite expensive. The food presentation was totally not nice!!

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