Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kissaten @ Jaya 1

As a reataurant bearing a Japanese name, i bet most of us will think that it would be a typical sushi restaurant which serves california roll, and sashimi. But suprise, its actually an italian japanese fusion food restaurant.

English Tea
I find that English Tea is somwhat too mild for my preference although the color seems to be saying otherwise.

Rice with fried eggs and deep fried pork cutlet
It tasted like fried rice and is quite good

Pasta with poached egg
It is kinda like an oglio pasta, tasted quite good although it looks bland

Deep Fried Pork Cutlet + Curry rice
This dish is quite ggood as the curry tasted as original as what i've tasted in Japan Disneyland. The taste is quite unique however, the pork cutlet is quite tough

Salmon Steak Set
The portion of this dish is quite healthy as as u can see, 2 pieces of salmon.....
The salmon tasted somewhat normal..

Pork Ramen in miso soup

This resembles the "wo tip" i usually order in Esquire Kitchen
Hot Plate Pork Steak
This is a killer, with the minced pork made into a burger patty, then fried, topped with mushroom sauce, smeels and tastes good
The all popular "char siu" pizza
This should be the only non halal pizza i've ever tasted in my whole life. The cheese used are of a healthy portion and the mayo toppings ass to the yummylicious taste of the thin crusted pizza
Pumpkin creme with "tang yuen" and red bean paste
Well, did not taste as good as it look, in fact, pretty bland and does not complement each other
Haagen Daz Ice cream with Pumpkin Creme
This dish is much better than the one above.
Pros: Service is quite good, some dishes are not bad
Cons: Price is quite high(RM 200++), the set up is quite simple and lack of elegance/class

Result: 8/10

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Eddie Lim said...

Char Siew Pizza??? saliva dropping lol