Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hong Kong Food Culture@ Lowyat Plaza

We were waiting for Yong Joo who is stuck in Road Block for hours during ISA protest. Unable to stand the hunger anymore, we decided to "alas perut" with something light before going for a dinner with Yong Joo. Nicholas proposed to hav "artificial sharks fin".

Although there were not abundant of varieties available, they look quite delicious.
A combo of curry fish balls and the "artificial sharks fin"
The gravy of the fish ball is really thick, unlike the ones selling at most pasar malam stalls. Hence, tastier fish balls....3 fish balls for RM2, while a bowl of "sharks fin Soup" costs RM4
The "sharks fin soup" lookalike includes chicken and mushroom strips and "tung fun"
Its pretty thick and needs to be consumed while its still hot....otherwise, it will be watery when it sets in to room temperature
Pros: A good place to sit down and chit chat while having a light meal

Cons: seating area is kinda tight, hence, need to squeeze a lil bit if there are more than 4 persons

Result: 7/10

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