Friday, 6 May 2011

Warung Made's Kuta

We had just come back from Bali not long ago and we are all set to blog about the food we eat in Bali.

The first meal we have is at local warung with nasi campur with ayam bakar. It taste extremely good and goes well with Indonesia famous Teh Botol. Sadly we didnt capture the name of the warung as our driver just drop us there and we are too hungry to snap the photo of the warung. The food here cost about Rp 16,000 to Rp 30,000 depending on the food you choose which is quite cheap. My ayam betutu nasi campur with egg and vegetable cost me Rp16,800 while Yen Thoong Nasi Campur Ayam Betutu with vege, egg, sate lilit and other side dishes cost Rp24,000.

Anyway, lets jump to the dinner then. Our first night dinner is at Warung Made's. Warung Made is kinda famous in Bali with lots of blogger blogging about it. There is 2 Warung Made, one in Kuta and another one nearby Seminyak. You might be wondering, what so famous about this Warung that it become famous. Frankly, my answer is that I personally don't understand why it is so famous until the driver know where the place is without me need to elaborate more.

The good things about Warung Made is it serve all kind of food ranging from authentic Indonesia food to grill, western and even seafood. As we are in Bali, we tend to order all Indonesia food.

Here is our main course for the night.

This is the nasi Campur Biasa (Rp35,000)and Nasi Campur Special(Rp60,000). Nasi Campur Special come with sate lilit while the biasa don't. The nasi campur come with tempe goreng, tempe tofu, serunding ayam, telur, sayur bayam, sayur nangka (famous in Bali) and sambal. To me the nasi campur is just 'so so' as compare to the one we have for lunch.

Our vegetarian queen order her first meal in Bali as Nasi Campur Vegetarian (Rp35,000). Well, to me it look like my Nasi Campur Biasa except it does not have the shredded chicken

Oi Mei order Nasi Goreng Udang. Look at the rice, we can know it was still kinda wet and lack of 'wok hei'...Wok Hei is important in Chinese Dai Chou but not in Bali I guess. The Nasi Goreng Udang is Ok judging from the taste but it was a bit pricy (Rp45,000)

Bored of rice, Choi Ling opt for Fried Noodles (Rp30,000). It turn out to be disappointing judging from it presentation. I guess the taste also wasn't as nice as any local Malaysian fried noodles.

Fook Weng wanted something Balinese yet stomach filling food thus he order 1/2 Nasi Goreng 1/2 Gado Gado that cost Rp40,000. Gado Gado is Balinese fresh salad serve with peanut sauce. He commented the food here is just 'so so' which I believe his meal got nothing to shout about.

Last but not least, Nicholas order his Nasi Goreng special (Rp50,000). I kinda steal one of his sate ayam to judge between Malaysia sate and Bali Sate. I was actually hoping for sate lilit rather than normal ayam sate though. However the best things about sate ayam here is the gravy. The gravy here is peanut sauce but not spicy. Is sweet peanut sauce like what they use to serve for Gado Gado as well. The nasi goreng is nothing to shout about as all the nasi goreng here taste the same.

Here is our drink. We order Honey melon, Ice lemon tea, papaya lemon juice, pineapple banana juice, pineapple lemon juice, and pure carrot juice.

Overall, i believe Warung Made's is a bit over-rated by most blogger or foodies. There is so many local warung out there in Bali that serve cheaper price and more delicious food.

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