Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dewata Cafe, Seafood at Jimbaran Beach

Everyone who is went to Bali or currently planning for Bali would have heard about the expensive Jimbaran Beach Seafood.

Well, we are the victims...Hehe....

But what the point of going to Bali but not enjoying the seaside seafood dinner. Romantic for couple, nice avenue for chit chat for friend gathering trip and also family bonding place if you are having family trip.

There is hundred of restaurant and cafe serving the same Balinese grill seafood in Jimbaran Beach and is up to you to choose your own place. Our driver, Mr Bagus drop us at Dewata Cafe and we was greet with a group of staff who warmly usher us to the beach side. Well, they want our money, no wonder the treatment is so good.

We opt for Package A (initially cost 1.3 million but after negotiationg and make some changes in menu, we get it at price of 1.1 million rupiah)....Ok, the 'million' sound horrible but when convert to RM it was about RM500.

This menu fit for 5 person but since we have 7 person so we already prepared to have a light meal and have another drinking session in hotel later on.

Well, as normal, we as Malaysia Chinese always get discriminated. We waited for about 1 hour and a half but our food wasn't serve yet compare to the 'ah mo' that come so much later than us. But well, Ah mo is so easy to 'chop' compare to we the stingy young malaysian chinese....Well, is OK

7.30pm when the sun already set and hundred of plane had touch down and depart (yes, we can see all plane in and out of Denpasar Airport since Jimbaran Beach is just beside the Airport), our food was finally served.
7 virgin coconut (Haha, define virgin please, this look old to me)

Here come the started, fish soup and salad. The fish soup taste like ajinamoto and pepper soup and the fish is kinda hard. We hadly can identify whether it was fish or chicken.

The salad is too small portion for 7, not to mention that the taste was just 'below restaurant' standard. There is steam potato as well....Sadly forgot to capture the photo. Anyway, this 3 wasn't our main attraction.

The come the greenish kangkung which is obviously overcook. But fine.......fine...we wait and waited for the arrival of our main dish...

Clap clap....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Presenting the main course:
1.2kg of lobster (i doubt the size)
1.2kg of fish (again the fish taste like chicken...Hard testure)
Clam (OMG, super good. The sauce was awesome)
Fried Calamari (Good. It wasnt crunchy but the testure was nice and not very chewy)
Squid Sate (This is really chewy. Basically it test your gum and teeth stregth)
Grill prawn (Quite generous serving of prawn. It taste good with a bit of hangus taste)
1.2kg crab. (The crab is too small for 1.2kg lo but fresh. Taste really sweet)

Conclusion, the seafood is fresh and as tourist, a life time experience for once is worth it. The total bill come out to be 1.5million rupiah about RM 545 ringgit for 5 person. Is pricy but worth the price we pay, maybe not for now, but for the 2 hours we spend that day. Total satisfaction. If it was Malaysia, sorry I don't think I gonna pay that for a seafood dinner except there is same concept and better venue.

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