Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tahu Tipat - Balinese Local Delicacy

After an adventurous para sailing and banana boat, we decide to have some snack before our spa session and our Driver decided to bring us to Tahu Tipat located at the roadside leading to Nusa Dua beach.

Tahu Tipat mean Tofu with ketupat serve with peanut sauce. In Bali, peanut sauce is serve in almost everything such as Satay, Gado Gado (Bali style of salad) and also Tahu Tipat. However, their peanut sauce is sweet and not spicy like what we have here in Malaysia. To sum up, the peanut sauce taste like those 'sweet sauce' in dim sum shop with a little bit of peanut inside.

When we are at the Tahu Tipat shop, we have problem communicating with them. They don't speak English nor Malay so our Driver talk to them personally while the rest, we communicate using sign language!

There is various kuih muih at the stall also which cost about Rp 1,000 each. I personally like the stuffed tofu. The tofu is stuff with vermicelli with some spice. It taste very good. In here, all trading is based on 'TRUST'. We just eat and eat the kuih and by the end of the day, we just tell them how many kuih we have eaten they will charge accordingly. When we are busy eating, one local lady stop by to buy the kuih. What she do is she select the kuih using her BARE HAND and put into a small plastic bag which make us wonder, the kuih we eat might have been touched by hundred of people and is now inside out stomach....hehe....thank god we survive the day without any stomachache.

So here come the Tahu Tipat. It cost Rp 10,000 each which was about RM 3.50 in Malaysia. All Tofu is freshly fried before it was cut into smaller pieces together with the Ketupat. Then the Tahu Tipat will be serve with peanut gravy and chilli padi. It also come with crackers.

Frankly it taste very good. Whats more if we are sitting at low bench beside the roadside serounded with big tree and bird chirping all the way.

Whats more, if you feel hot and heaty, opt for Es Cendol. Es Cendol is actually Bali version of Ice Cendol in Malaysia. The first few sip seem weird but after a while, you will like it.

So next time you are in Bali, forget about the expensive gala dinner or lunch....Opt for local delicacy like this....Cheap and nice.

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