Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dirty Duck Diner

For quack quack is sometime you will like.

One of the Bali must visit restaurant will be Dirty Duck Diner that serve bebek bengil.

Bebek mean duck and Bengil mean crispy...If my interpretation don't fail me ya...hehe

Bebek bengil take a long time to cook thus pre-order for group basis is needed or arrive early to the restaurant. The restaurant is usually full house no matter when you go.

Located in the middle of paddy field and lot of water features and flora around, the restaurant does have 100% Balinese feel.

Back to the duck....The duck was first boil with local herbs for hours before it was taken out for cooling. Before serving the duck will be deep fried to perfection.

Verdict: Crispy. Tender meat. Meat seperated from bone easily and is very juicy. Herb taste maintained. Portion is good for sharing if you cant eat much.

Other food we order : spicy snapper fish and Gado-gado. Their Gado-gado is super nice....

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