Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nasi Pedas Andika, Kuta

Bali have a lot of similarity with Malaysia even their breakfast is as heavy as Malaysian food. If we have Nasi Lemak in Malaysia, Bali have its Nasi Pedas. Nasi Pedas Andika in Kuta is one of the famous brand for Nasi Padang in Kuta that only local patronage will come and dine. The place is small and hot as the sun directly shine toward the place we sit.

Food is pretty easy. The waiter scoop rice into the basket and we choose the ingredient we want. As normal, Nasi campur ingredient in Bali cannot run very far. They have:

Serunding ayam
Tempe goreng
Telur Rebus Goreng
Tempe Tofu masak lemak
Vegetable - Sayur Nangka i think(taste aromatic....macam jasmine)
Sambal pedas sepedas pedasnya....Memang pedas gila...
and mee goreng if I not wrong...dunno why they eat mee goreng with Nasi in Bali

Well, the weather at the morning is already burning hot and we are all sweating. I pretend to be cool as Malaysian can eat spicy food...Well, once i touch the sambal, I just stood up, walk toward the freezer, take the Teh Botol and start drinking. No joke, is really pedas....No wonder it is call Nasi Pedas.

If you still scare of heaty body later, can always opt for Panda Herbal Tea.....maybe it helps....

My Nasi Pedas with egg, vege, tempe, sambal cost me Rp 17,000....that would be around RM 6.

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