Thursday, 13 January 2011

Strawberry Moment

I went up to Cameron with my crazy bunch of colleague to relax and have a mabuk session together...*toik***

and talking about Cameron, the first things that come to most people mind would be Strawberry.....and there is weird things about strawberry.....which open for argument...

Is Strawberry sweet or sour? Well, I argue a lot with my colleague about this issue that I feel that I spend more time in arguing than enjoying strawberry...

Anyway, one place not to be missed if you guys visit Cameron Highland would be a cafe name 'Strawberry moment'. The name clearly tell you what to expect from the cafe....Yes, sweet moment with strawberry....

Among the famous dessert would be 'strawberry strudel', strawberry chocolate and strawberry juice. Well, to know more about the cafe and menu, you can log on to their website

Here is what we order:
First visit: Strawberry strudel, strawberry juice, fresh combo fruit yogurt, *forgotten desert name*

Second visit we have blueberry strudel and strawberry ice-cream.

Besides dessert they also serve food such as pasta and soup. One of my colleague order the mushroom soup but it turn up to be overx10 salted. No matter how much hot water requested, the soup still taste salty...

The shop is connected to a souvenir shop beside where tourist can purchase strawberry product such as jam, chocolate, strawberry coffee and so on as gift to friend and family.

For those who have sweet tooth like me, well, u guys gotta love it. Sadly I been there twice with full stomach, thus cannot really enjoy the dessert....Dessert should be serve first next time!!!

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