Sunday, 23 January 2011

T Cafe aka Lord Cafe, Tanah Rata Cameron Highland

Situated above Marrybrown Restaurant in Tanah Rata is Lord Cafe, more popular known as T cafe. That is our very first place to have our meal once we arrive Cameron Highland.

T cafe serve good scone and good place for enjoy a cup of tea.

As we arrive about 3pm in the afternoon, the cafe was quite and there weren't much customer inside. This cafe had been heavily popularise by a lot of foodies and blogger that i do not need to mention much...

Lets straight go to the food then...

Cream scone (RM 2.50)
One word....Best...

Strawberry scone(RM 2.80)
Yummy, but i still think cream scone is the best

Strawberry crepe (RM3.80)
The pancake is just too bland for my taste bud

Apple pie (RM 3.60, or RM 5.00 with vanilla ice cream)
It was Ok. Wasn't too sweet but the pastry is just too dry...

I was craving for chicken pie since they promoting it so badly all over the cafe but sadly it was fully sold out.

Well, the next time I am craving for scone, i know where I am heading too....haha...ok, maybe it was a bit too far....But if I were in Cameron, i believe this is a place I wouldn't want to miss....

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