Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Formosa Chicken Rice

I went to Malacca again on Christmas with bunch of crazy fella as I was craving for chicken rice ball. After a horrible jam in Malacca town, i almost fainted to see such a long queue in the famous jonker street chicken rice ball. Since my stomach is drumming very badly, we decided to drop off at Formosa instead.

Formosa being very much commercialised compare to other chicken rice around the town, offer wider range of food and drinks. The price is of course at a higher side compare to other stall in Malacca.

We order the famous steam chicken and rice ball, char siew, siew yok, wanton soup, chicken feet salad, and taugeh.

The chicken is tender and juicy but i tasted better steam chicken before.
The rice ball is so compact that it doesn't seem to be made out of rice. It feel like eating a dough thought.
The wanton soup is not to my liking as the wanton is small and the broth wasn't taste good. To me is merely a 3/10.

The cold chicken feet salad is also not to my liking. The cold chicken feet taste awful and got some smell on it.
The taugeh is good, but i still craving for Ipoh chicken rice taugeh.

Char Siew and Siew Yok is above average but not the best I have ever tasted.

Overall, it was just a decent lunch as I am super hungry at that moment. However, it does not satisfy my craving for Chicken Rice Ball....

Overall rating - 4/10

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Lilian said...

Tried Formosa Chicken rice, but still feels that its kinda worthy going all the way to Batu Berendam for the chicken rice.