Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ding Tai Fung

If my memory never fail me, I had try Ding Tai Fung for 3 times and I never snap photo using my camera before....Yeah, how failure of me...

Anyway, big name no need much to mentions.....Ding Tai Fung serve famous Shanghainese food. Famous for its Xiao Long Boa and La Mien, the restaurant had expended to Malaysia with 3 outles - Pavilion, The Garden and Empire Gallery.

Xiao Long Pau - come with few choices such as normal version or with crab meat.

My favourite food of all - Stewed beandcurd with honey sauce

I order it on all the visit. Is so nice....a good appertiser or as side dishes for your La Mien...

Hot & Sour Soup La Mien - be prepare to have a hot stomach especially you dare enough to put in some hot chilli oil....Is good and sweaty experience!!!

Another food i try before is the pork chop fried rice.
Sorry as there is no photo....However the portion is so huge that it can fit 2-3 person. The fried rice is so so and nothing to shout about. But if you think Xiao Long Bao is not enough for you, a fried rice is just nice for you.

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