Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fatty Crab @ Taman Megah, Kelana Jaya

The initial plan was Ming Tian Food Court when i made a last minute decision for the craving for Chilli Crabs. Thus, we went to the famous Fatty Crab located behind Ming Tian.
As usual, the place is full, with bunch of peoples sitting outside the restaurant, waiting for tables. The waiter is quite polite actually, making sure that we get a seat while we are waiting. They actually took our orders first.
I was caught by surprise to know that they actually served a very limited choice of dishes. The crabs cost around RM32 per 600++grams, and they are actually only 2 types of cooking method, Steamed or Chilli Crab.
Nearly every table was ordering fried rice, and I actually wonder whether they serve white rice. The chicken wings and Satay can be ordered only after we are seated.
The fragrant smell of the chicken wing is really really good, that I am almost craving for another after having the first, of which I have to admit, above average good.
  The Satay is actually lean meats with very minimal fat, almost none actually.Too healthy for my liking *shame*.
The fried rice seems to be the speciality here, nothing special, but the prawns does taste fresh, and is good enough for above average grading.
And here come the FAMOUS CRAB, with its side kick-the toasted bread.

I would say that the crabs are fresh, and you could feel the texture and its freshness, no complain about the crab at all, even when there were so many bad remarks on serving of bad, dead frozen crabs in many other websites.
But the gravy is a little bit too sour for my liking, although my friend love it to the max, and actually ordered another plate of bread to dip the sauce. Nonetheless, the gravy is good, and very thick too.
The bill came RM98 for 3 person, of which I would say, still acceptable at KL's rate and the quality of food served, with no mistake that the crab actually cost around 75% of the total bill. But fatty crab do live up to its reputation, and I still do wonder, how would the Steamed version will actually taste like.

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