Monday, 7 May 2012

Yut Kee

I probably no need to mention much about this restaurant as it was already so well know among KL people and even tourist....

Situated at a silent road of Jalan Dang Wangi, a few stone throw from Dang Wangi LRT station, this nostalgic restaurant stand proud with their Hainanese breakfast. I had heard about this restaurant for years but have no chance to eat there until last weekend.

My intention is to try the roasted pork that cost RM 14 for 2 small slices or RM 140 for a roll. Basically is pork been rolled up and roasted. However I dont have the chance to taste it as there is no roasted pork serve during that time. You can view the roasted pork photo from the following blogger.

There is a lot of nice food in the restaurant and basically everything is nice. They are famous for their Roti Babi, Hainan pork chop, chicken chop, marble cake, Hainan noodles, Roti Kahwin and many more.

As there is only 2 of us,I consider our order as a little too 'tam chiak'. We order Hainanese chicken chop, Hailam bee hoon, Roti babi and our greedy stomach also lead us to Tapau one marble cake and one kaya swissroll.

The Hainan chicken chop was really good. By far one of the best I ever tested. Although the portion I get had a small portion fried until burn but it taste good with the sauce. The sauce was well seasoned and the potato is soft in the inside and a little bit crunchy. Is just awesome.

Roti Babi is a must order food in the restaurant. Is somesort of French Toast with some babi and onion inside. The first time I taste it, I thought it was Tuna because the testure of the pork seem to be Tuna. The reason being, the chef have chopped the pork into such a small pieces and cook it with onion that it turn out almost the same texture like Tuna. The babi with the french toast combination is just too good to describe. c

The Hailam bee hoom came last. By the time it arrive we are already almost full. However our big appetite do not stop us from finish it. The taste of the bee hoon is a bit soaky but the aroma of 'prawn paste' (hope I get it right) that bring out the aroma. As I am not a prawn person, Sam have to finish up the portion mostly by himself. Hehe

Just before we left, our tam chiak mouth decided to take away a slice of marble cake and a slice of swissroll, thanks to those blogger who superly recommend the marble cake here
Well, I have no regret ordering this 2 cake...Our car is full of the cake aroma once we close the door. The aroma is so seducing that we finish the cake within seconds after we start driving off from the restaurant
By the way, when we left the restaurant the crowd start to built up. If you arrive by 10.30, dont be surprise that the queue is few shop long and if you are those who 'pantang' to share table, my advice is you bring a big geng or friends or family or else I suggest you detour to other place. Is very common you have to 'tarp thoi' in this restaurant.

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