Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ocen Restaurant, Tanjung Sepat

Recently I went to Tanjung Sepat with the gals to celebrate Wan Ying birthday. Basically Tanjung Sepat is a small fisherman village. Nothing special there except there is some plantation to visit and the forever 'not so romantic' lover bridge...

I am not sure whether it was human natural thought or is a norm that people will associate seafood to fisherman village or anyplace where there is beach. Just to inform you that Tanjung Sepat is not famous for its seafood actually. No doubt there is hundreds of seafood restaurant but not all is sedap sedap belaka lo...

Since we went there without any planning thus we eat at Ocen Restaurant. One can never miss this restaurant as it was located directly next to the Lover Bridge overseeing the muddy beach and of course the view of sunset.

As it was a hot day and some are getting sick with sorethroat we ops for non spicy non fried food.

We order one fried rice to go along with our kongpo mantis prawn, steam white promfet and sweet and sour crab. Oh not to forget some green...We order sweet potato leaf

Fried rice was good. The 'wok hei' is enough to bring up the aroma though there is not much of ingredient it it.

Sweet potato leave is nothing to shout about. We order this because we need some green stuff to go along with our heavy food.

The kongpo mantis prawn is a total disappointment. Being Klangite, I have try many place serving mantis prawn and I had never try such a bad kongpo mantis prawn

The steam promfet is by far the best food we have. The fish were fresh and it was lightly salted with soy sauce and ginger. However, I wish there is more sauce to go with the fish as it get kinda dry after a while.

Well, crab is a must according to the gals. However for me, this crab is just 'off' mode for me. Frankly I know i can somehow cook better than me. Sorry to say my mom cook better sweet and sour crab.

The crab is small size and the sauce is just too sour for my liking. I think they just pour in ketchup and fried with the crab. Nothing to shout about.

Total damage is RM 127 inclusive of 4 coconut drink and few other drink to crunch our thirst....It was a hot day anyway.....

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