Sunday, 22 April 2012

Red Wine Mee Sua @ Sitiawan

As for this post, I won't be blogging about foods around KL/Selangor, but a local Foo Chow delicacy from Sitiawan, a delicacy that most Sitiawan people working outstation (especially foo chow origins) could not run away from, the Red Wine Mee Sua.

This picture is taken in my own house, prepared by myself. As for ingredients, it would be preferably kampung chicken, as they somehow do not have the weird smell of the chickens we usually get from Hypermarket, the red wine, and hand-made mee sua from Sitiawan. Now, this is my habit of preparing the delicacy.

First, you stir-fried onions with sesame oil (to enhance the fragrance of the red wine(in this case, we use the paste as well). Then add in the chickens and stir-fried until it look cooked. Then, add in the red wine. I would usually add in one or two tablespoonful for the taste. When the fragrant of the red wine became stronger, add in hot water to turn it into soup. Then prepare the hand-made mee sua with another pot. Just make sure the water is boiling before adding in the mee sua. Once the mee sua seems translucent and is seem floating at the top, its ready to be served. Add in the soup on top of the mee sua, and the meal is ready :).

Although the post above is a home-made version, there are several place in Sitiawan serving this delicacies,such as Lido Restaurant behind The Store Supermarket and Bei King Restaurant. That would be the only places I knew serving this delicacy. However, I never tried it at these places, thus, try at your own risk :)

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