Thursday, 31 May 2012

Kinsahi, Aeon Tebrau City

Recently when I was on business trip to Johor, I went to Aeon Tebrau City for shopping....Well, kononnya the biggest Aeon shopping mall so must visit visit lo...

So after som walk, the empty stomach start to make noice thus my colleague and me start to search for food and we saw Kinsahi. Well, it was a restaurant by a corporation which have chain of restaurant serving fresh japanese food and delicious taiwanese food.

Sadly to say, their branches are currently available in Johor only.

Kinsahi is a restaurant that serve japanese food especially the shabu shabu. So we decided to eat the chicken set for one person. I order miso soup and my colleague go for tomyum. There is few soup selection and lots of sauce to choose from.

Well, cut thing short, lets the photo do the talking....

*** Is not halal so we order one chicken and one pork set....I can tell you, the meat is superly nice...Very thin layer with minimal fats but they give quite a generous portion....worth trying..

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