Monday, 18 January 2010

Shanghai 10 @ Genting

Everytime I go to Genting, I found our the food there tasteless and not worth the money. Thus I always opt for fastfood there.

This time around, I saw a new restaurant in the middle of Genting Times Square name Shanghai 10. Thus we try it out.

Lets make it quick and as summarize as possible

Fried bean curb skin...Normal taste...How good if there is sweet sauce to accompany this starter

Xiao Long Pau....Taste wise is just mediocre but the thin layer of skin is strong enough to ensure the soup is not leak out. Well, you know there is a lot of dissapointment when eat Xiao Long Pau at outside stall....But I still think Dragon-i Xiao Long Pau is the best...

3 type of La Mien (crab roe, duck, and normal)

Come with side dish of braised peanut, jellyfish and cucumber

Snow Jelly Drink

Avocado paste dim sum - Sweet in the inside bland on the outside

Sugarcane drink - Sweet and refreshing but too pricy for the small portion

Mango Sago Lo Lo - As cold as Genting....hehe

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