Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Fu @ USJ Taipan

Well, if you ask me what my first meal was in 2010, my answer is Yong Tau Fu....My favorite food of all...

I stop by at USJ Taipan after almost 20 hours of self famine....Well, I was actually on the way to pick Piggy J and 'cili padi' to Genting and we decided to stop by for a quick lunch a.k.a. tea time.

We decided to settle down at Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Fu at 4.30pm which really tell us why the whole shop is quite empty. Only 3 tables is occupied and plenty of table is left empty.

Piggy J decided to go for Set A, Meal for 3-4 person that cost RM 47.00

The set come with:
10 pieces of Yong Tau Fu (to be selected by customer)
5 pieces of fried dumplings
5 soupy dumplings
2 Assam Fish
4 pandan chicken wings
And medium green vege to balance up the diet.

Well, for Yong Tau Fu, we settle down with one stuffed chilli, 2 stuffed lady finger, 3 fried bean curb, 3 fried 'yau tiou', and one fried stuffed tau fu pok.
The Yong Tau Fu is ok but cannot compete with the original tasty Yong Tau Fu in Ampang or Puchong.

The fried dumpling and soupy dumpling is nothing to shout about. The soup was plain and bland. There are rooms for improvement for the soupy dumpling.

The Assam Fish tastes more like Tomato sauce fish. I was expecting something spicier and sour but it turn out to be sweet!! It would be nicer if the fish is hot rather than warm…Well, more chilli and lime is what I hope they can do!!

Pandan Chicken Wing is delicious. It was well marinated and the aroma of pandan leave leave a kick into this dishes. However, the serving for the chicken wing was a little too cold for my enjoyment. It would be nice if it was just out from the wok.

The lettuce was fresh, crunchy and sweet. Well, it was perfect dish to cool down the over heated fried food.

Overall, the food was nice and reasonable priced. There are a lot of choices of yong tau fu to choose from. The only setback is the food is rather cold and not as tasty as the original ampang yong tau fu!!!

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