Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ma Lat Lou Kitchen - Episode 2

Being a bachelor, I am use to live in a lonely world. Sometime I get lazy to even go out to 'ta pao' for lunch.

Well, is lunch time and there is nothing much available. I prefer not to cook Maggi Mee either thus I explore what I have in the freezer and try to cook whatever I have.

Well, I have some leftover mince meat, vegetable, lotsa sausages, egg and some prawn....Quite a good ingredient for fried mee or mee hoon. I explore the dry kitchen to see any mee hoon available in the cabinet. Yes....there is...

Guys, this is my ma lat lou way of cooking fried mee hoon.


Mince Pork
2 sausages
2 eggs
Some green vege
mee hoon
some salt and pepper
soy sauce
corn flour


1. Soak the mee hoon and vege in some plain water
2. De-freeze the sausage and prawn
3. Marinate the mince pork with soy sauce, pepper and corn flour
4. Heat the wok and fry the egg. Then fry the sliced sausages

5. Take both egg and sausages out and fry the mince pork with garlic for 2 minutes

6. Put in the prawn and put some water to boil it
7. Add in the mee hoon and put some salt and pepper for flavoring. You may add thick soy sauce to blacken it
8. Here come the difficult part...Fry the mee hoon with big fire....haha..

9. Add in the fry egg and sliced sausages....
10. Enjoy....

oh...dun forget to switch on the filter fan to suck out all the smoke....else u have difficulty cleaning up your kitchen....wahahaha

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