Thursday, 7 January 2010

Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar @ Klang

Few days back, my department have a farewell party for one of the longest surviving colleague that manage to sail through the high and low of my department. Well, to survive in our department is not an easy task but on the same time quite fun to have crazy colleague in difficult time. Conclusion, all of us manage to sail through the worst time of all.

To send off this cute little gal who is flying off to US very soon, we decided to go to Monte’s after some push by one of my colleague.

Monte’s originated from Bangsar and has one branch in Klang. Not much people know about this branch. My colleague told me that they serve same menu but with different price…Hope she didn’t conned me on that information…I try to Google© the restaurant name but 99% of it was related to Bangsar Shopping Complex. I bet the Klang branch wasn’t that famous after all.

Well, we order quite a lot of food. Let have the list rolled:

Mushroom Soup
It was very yummy and creamy. Just perfect with the toasted French loaf.

2 sets of Pumpkin Soup (come with my lunch set)

The texture of the soup was quite well done but I regretted that the chef have over salted the soup

Simply Grilled Fish
The name simply grilled is quite funny as most of us is trying to make fun of the name and guessing how badly would the grilled fish came out. Thank god it come out ‘simple and nice’. The chips was big, and the dory fish was fresh and cook to perfection. I love the salad too...

4 sets of garlic butter grilled fish
I have to say that the garlic butter grilled fish came out the same as my simply grilled fish except it was topped with garlic butter sauce. I could smell the sauce from a far but my colleague commented that the taste is as par as Manhattans Fish Market.

Prawn and Fish Combo
Another staff, a prawn lover chooses the Prawn and Fish Combo. The fish was tender and juicy but the prawn was just OK. Nothing to shout about.

Grilled lamb
I believe it was so so since my food taster didn't say anything after her meal. But she was quite satisfied after all

Grilled chicken..
Erm...I believe it was tasty...Well, why not you try it out?

2 set of Mixed Grill
The portion of mixed grill was quite small compare to other restaurant but it was just good for one person. Serve with grill lamb, chicken, sausages, egg and side dish of chip and boiled vegetable

Mixed Nachos
Look delicious but I didn't try it as I was quite full...

Total burn for the session is RM255.30. Considering meal for 9 persons, I would say it was worth every single cent we spent. The pricing is reasonable and serving portion is also quite generous. Ambiance was OK but I believe the one in Bangsar Shopping Complex could offer a better atmosphere.


Eddie Lim said...

opps....forgot to mention that lunch set come with a dessert and tea or coffee....

Eddie Lim said...

monte's is situated in taman rashna...near the teluk pulai bah kut teh, taman rashna branch

Faye Koh said...

hi, i plan to held a small gathering over at Monte. we prefer a nice & cosy ambience, do u think Monte Klang is okay?

Eddie Lim said...

well the place is nice and cosy...not much patron during weekdays.....however there will be more customer during weekend...

food is good....i hope they maintain their quality of have been a while since my last visit so hopefully they manage to keep it up with their standard