Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Restaurant Clan

Everytime I pass by Sri Petaling, my friend will tell me that Sri Petaling is famous for dim sum. When I ask him what is nice, he will just keep silent. After some research in few famous food blog, I decided to drop by at Restaurant Clan with 'Piggy J' and 'Cili Padi' after our tiring trip to Genting. Actually Piggy J wanted dim sum since he missed dim sum in Genting

Restaurant Clan is famous for some reason. One of it is due to its Kai Wo Pau (Chicken Nest Bun). No all dim sum place in KL or PJ serve this in their menu and thus it was a must to order food here.

Kai Wo Pau is actually Pau filled with Lo Mai Kai (Chicken Glutinous Rice). Just imagine an hot Lo Mai Kai been inside the fluffy Pau pastry. The glutinous rice is very soft and aromatic. A good aroma of 'hua tiau' wine can be smell as soon as the waiter serve the Kai Wo Pau onto our table. The filling include chicken, button mushroom, glutionous rice, char siew and most importantly the salted egg york. So sinful but very very delicious. The fluffy bun absorb the gravy from all the ingredient....Thumb up...

We also order other dim sum such as Chee Chong Fun, Harkau, Siewmai, Lalamai, beancurb skin roll and peithanmai (century egg dimsum). The Chee Chong Fun with char siew turn up to be thick and warm. I will prefer it to be serve hot. Same goes to Harkau as the skin have harden and do not taste as nice as it suppose to be. Other dim sum is 'so so' and nothing to shout about.

Conclusion, I would prefer if all the dim sum been served hot as it would taste nicer. The price is average but there is much room for improvement in term of the dim sum. Service is good but not so friendly as they seem as if they wanted to chase away the customer after eating to let other customer to occupied the table.

One advice for people who wanted to go there....Please go early as there is limited parking and the table is usually full during weekend.

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