Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ming Sate Hut - Malacca

Craving for sate babi? or pork intestine sate?

Head to Ming Sate Hut at Malacca nearby Mahkota Parade. Situated a few shop beside Nadeje Crepe Cake shop, Ming Sate Hut serve variety of sate from chicken to pork, intestine to lamb all under one roof.

The sauce is also very unique. Rather than the usual peanut sauce, the sauce in Ming Sate is cook with chunky pineapple that give the sweetness taste of the pineapple.

The chicken satay is nothing to shout about as other stall can simply serve the same standard as theirs.

The intestine sate is very unique indeed. There is no smelly taste or neither it was hard. The intestine was nicely bbq over the charcoal fire. Well, it was my first time eating intestine by way of BBQ...

The pork sate on the other side taste much better than the chicken version.

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Weiqi said...

should have call me on food...i bring lotsa fren around melaka for the food....well if u want the best pork satay, i have two places to recommend ;) one is opposite the Orang Utan House and the other one is opposite a chinese primary school....see if u have the time for it in future ;)