Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Klang fried mee hoon kuih and curry yee mee

As a Klangite for the past 23 years, I am kinda lousy food seeker in Klang. I really need to depend on my friend on the tasty food in Klang.

Lately, my friend brought me and Nicholas to one unique place that serve fried mee hoon kuih (pan mee) and curry yee mee. I been to the place many time but I didn't know they serve these food. This is because I was always there at night time.

The morning and afternoon stall serve famous noodles and one of the specialties is Fried Mee Hoon Kuih. Thin pieces of Mee Hoon Kuih is well fried with mince pork, vegetable and mushroom and serve with crispy ikan bilis. Basically it was just the same ingredient for soupy mee hoon kuih but it was a 'fried' version. Almost all patrons order a plate of this dish..

The curry yee mee is also not bad. The sweetness of coconut milk blend very well with the spices and 'liu'....Serve with vegetable, fish ball, tou pok, fish cake and char siew, the curry yee mee is something that one cannot miss.

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