Thursday, 30 September 2010

Formosa@ Sungei Wang Plaza

After the McD Run 2010, we plan to cari makan somewhere nearby KL city. Nicholas suggested Sg Wang since Heather plans on shopping in Sg. Wang after the lunch meetup. Little did we expect that the run actually ended at 10am and all of us are really hungy. The original plan of visiting T-Bowl 'tak jadi' since it opens only on 11am. Thus, we choose the one that opens earliest,Formosa. The menu are rather tempting, with my favourite 'oyster mee sua' in the list.

The mee sua was rather disappointing compared to the one from Shih Lin. But the size of the oysters make up for it.

The mee was really 'so so only' as they were too salty and ordinary with minced meat+soy sauce, bbq sauce etc...

I can't differentiate which mee is with which sauce as they look really alike that Heather mistaken mine for hers.
The price was rather high for such a portion of food as they were not exactly filling. End up, I would rate C for the food, portion and price. The environment wise was still OK, good for a drink and light snacks with friends.

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