Saturday, 25 August 2012

Egg Custard, Ipoh

Ipoh is food haven to a lot of people. Besides from its famous taugeh chicken rice, ipoh hor fun, and the dimsum, I notice another attraction would be the egg custard.

A small coffee shop by name of House of Mirror (Tian CHun), serve one of the best egg custard. One can savour for some satay too...which i mean pork, and intestine satay..

The soft and mild sweet egg custard is smooth when you put in your mouth. The bitter sweet caramel added some taste to the bland egg custard but was so well balance on your tongue. Something i definately will ask you to taste..

Do note that the caramel standard is not well define as I tried twice and I notice it come with different sweetness and sometime a bit bitter due to overcooked. Anyway, it still taste good...

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