Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cielo Dolci @ Paradigm Mall

What is more satisfying that desserts for girls...There is a saying, that a girl will always have second stomach for desserts. This is true, especially for me.

This started with a story, and its written four different cups in Cielo Dolci. 
A girl is upset over something, 
and a boy took a ladder
where he climb up to heaven,
and produced a scoop of ice-cream for the girl.
Cielo Dolci, means Desserts from Heaven in Italian.

There is actually 2 flavor i choose up there, Durian and Coconut & Gula Melaka mix. Sounds local, ain't it? 
Yeah, they actually pride themselves for their home-made ice-cream. And they came with a variety of weird, and flavor that is unheard of anywhere else.
Cielo dolci, A small shop in the lowest ground )same floor as Tesco in the new mall, Paradigm Mall. I did not go for it the first time I actually found it, as I found the ice cream to be too sweet for my liking.
 However, it received very high recommendation from a friend, where she insisted that I should give it a try the next time I am there.
Paid a visit today, trying most of their flavor, when I heard another customer asking for Chocolate Cili Padi..
Choc Cili Padi? Seriously? Heard that it made a great combination, but no, they did not make it today, what a disappointment.... But she recommended me Spicy Peanut Butter...LOL...It tasted exactly like peanut butter, but after the ice-cream melted, it left a light hint of spiciness...Something new :D. 

The price is considered reasonable, compared to branded Ice-Cream. And its actually hand-made, with flavors you can't find elsewhere. I guess, that's where they started building up fans group.
Found that they have few articles pasted on the wall recommending the ice-creams too...
I would certainly recommend this place...
Do drop by if you happen to visit Paradigm Mall...

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