Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ah Ping Bak Kut Teh @ SS14 Subang

The blog has been pretty dead for a while due to my busy work+study+diet schedule, that I decided to revive it a little bit :). As usual, small secluded restaurants/shops are my expertise. And this time, I would like to introduce my all-time favourite Bak-Kut-Teh place, Ah-Ping,located in SS 14 Subang. The exact address would be 42, Jalan SS14/2,Subang Jaya. If you are coming from PJ, it would be a 3pm turning at the Bulatan Kewajipan. 

Everytime I was there, I will need to park behind the restaurant, which made no difference actually, as it was opened both side. However, this actually proved the popularity of the BKT for those people that would like to have a good BKT without needing to go all the way to Klang.

The reason I like this particular shop is due to the considerably thick soup and their huge portion. We usually ordered 1 half portion for 2 people to avoid wastage. They also serve the BKT with everything-intestines, fat/lean meat, tofu , dried tofu strips or fuzhuk (腐竹), shiitake mushrooms and a few piece of lettuce leaves.

They also serve vege separately, or more commonly known as 'yau coi', a simple plate of vege that comes with soy/ oyster sauce and a little bit of fried garlic/onions. I will usually order a plate of vege to come with a pot of BKT, as it will somehow makes me feel less guilty for allowing my crave overcome my sense. Thus, I would certainly recommend this place highly for those staying in PJ and Subang area. 

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