Sunday, 20 March 2011

Yat Yeh Hing(日夜兴生窝海鲜饭店)@ Kelana Jaya

Yat Yeh Hing (日夜兴生窝海鲜饭店) is actually situated near Kelana Jaya LRT, at the side of LDP beside housing areas. A visit to this small food court is actually my friend's idea, coz of the reason, she missed the soup served with the chicken rice here. But, we actually need to line up and the soup is actually a self service. I am still OK with that rule, considering there were too many people waiting to be served. But we ended up getting a rude comment from the waitress, telling us that there were no need of two person lining, one would be enough, cos we are getting the place crowded :( . Tell me about bad service.

The soup is considerably good, as I don't really have high expectation on soups served along with chicken rice, but they do allow us to have a big bowl of it shared among few people.
A good chicken rice always come with good chili sauce, but this one is really a so-so.
The chicken in considerably pass enough.
The roasted pork is still a good, although not in very good category. And of course, we could easily finished it.
The 'ngar choi' is really normal, of which i don't understand why chicken rice have to come with taugeh, although its understandable that Ipoh "Ngar Choi Gai" comes with it. Unless, the taugeh come from Ipoh.

Overall, the chicken rice here is good. Its just the service here is unsatisfactory.

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