Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hokkien Mee @ O.S Restaurant, Seapark

O. S Restaurant is actually a hawker stall like restaurant situated opposite Paramount Caltex. behind Giant hypermarket. Went there after a recommendation from a friend that actually does not like Hokkien mee, as she complained on the lards used in cooking hokkien mee (but what is a hokkien mee if its without a minimal amount of lard?). Thus, has been visiting this restaurant quite often in this month.
The 'siu chau' in the hawker stall only start their business after 5pm up to around 12am at nite. But I prefer to go later than 8pm. After 9pm, the place will start to get crowded and you might need to wait for awhile for the food to come. All around, you will see most of the tables ordering the same dish of 'siu chau', 'hokkien mee', or black noodle.
I would say the 'watan hor' is a so-so from this restaurant. But, i do like their sambal a lot, as it goes well with the 'siu chau'.
The 'siu chau' cost RM6.00 per person serving.
Out of curiosity, i also give the fried chicken wing a try. It was nothing much special, but I do feel some crunchy bits of garlic(of which I am really not sure whether garlic is one of their secret weapon) in their marinating ingredient), although I am not sure whether I tasted it correct. Someone please correct me if i am wrong about this. The chicken wing cost RM2.00 per wing, but I think that would be the standard price in KL/Selangor.
Overall, I do like the siu chau here, although there are 2 other location that I would love to try on.

Stay tuned...for next hokkien mee location.

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