Thursday, 31 March 2011

Malabar Palace, Hartamas Shopping Complex

Tired of Mamak food and want to find authentic Indian Food?

Well, D Tandoor sound to be the place or Spice of India. This 2 choice have been a famous spot for higher end of Indian food. However, what I want to introduce, maybe can be a substitute of this 2 restaurant.

Introducing Malabar Palace, Hartamas Shopping Complex.
Sorry for my bad posting on this because I really cant remember all the food name. I was bad in Hindi so to remember more than 5 dishes is tough for me...

As I have been to only D'Tandoor and not spice of India....I cant really comment on the food quality. But if you would ask my preferences, I still prefer D'Tandoor...

I would say Malabar Palace serve fusion Indian food. The restaurant is not that big and able to accomodate the capacity of up to 50-60 people. Accoding to their website they serve northern Indian food...

Ok, lets go to the food that we order...

1. Appertiser 1 - Paneer Fingers

Cheese wrapped and deep fried...serve with special sauce....thumb up

2. Appetiser 2 - Chicken Tikka Wrapped.

Normal....I not a fan of tortia wrap....But the filing is good!!!

3. Naan - 3 naan of our choice (Butter, Dried Fruit and garlic)

mamak naan taste better....sorry to say that the butter naan is too bland for my strong tastebud

4. Complimentary papadam with special gravy

The gravy is yummy....addictive!!

5. Briyani Lamb

I would say that the highlight of the day....Half of the table people are crying due to the spiciness of the food...Spices are well blended with the rice!! thumb up.

6. Mango Rice
I didn't taste any mango....but the taste was quite special...

7. Butter Chicken

One word....Yummy.

8. Some spinash thingy & vege dalca - Palak Paneer if i not wrong

No verdict.....Try it yourself....One of my friend like the green...Another one like the dalca....As for me, I dont like Vege. :-)

9. Spicy prawn - Dunno what its name....

I like it....but the serving too small.

Well, for big eater, the serving is not that big....The bill for this meal come to about RM 200++

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