Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Penang Chee Chong Fun

What make Penang Chee Chong Fun special?

The answer lies on the sauce they use. Traditionally we eat Chee Chong Fun with sweet sauce and chilli sauce but in Penang, they have something different...Shrimp paste.

A thick stinky shrimp paste with a dash of sesame seed is the things that make Penang chee chong fun stand out from the crowd.

My journey to Penang last month have given me chances to taste the unique yet stinky food. Frankly I am not a fan of shrimp paste due to its taste and aroma.

Newlane Food Court[beside Sunway Hotel]

Priced at RM 2 for small and RM 3 for big plate, the chee chong fun was fairly drained with sweet sauce and shrimp paste. The aroma of shrimp paste was not so strong but just nice for people who do not like the strong adour of shrimp paste....I like this

Goodall II foodcourt

Totally an opposite of the one I have in Newlane. The shrimp paste here stink that once you try to stir the chee chong fun, the adour can just stink the nose for few seconds. Well, this was order by my friend who love shrimp paste. But for me, I can't take the aroma....

But from my friend verdict, he like it and he think it was fairly good as those we have in Newlane...

So if you like stinky smell, u know where u can get it!!!

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