Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nadeje Patisserie Cafe@ Malacca

A trip to Malacca always focus on foods like 'satay celup' and 'chicken rice ball'. I am not excluded as well, until after I was taken to this cafe. With its blue sign( that was all i remembered, not the name, but the colour), Nadeje was actually quite famous among Malacca locals.

Actually, i still can't get the name pronounced correctly yet. As i can never remember addresses, I guess a pic on the name card will do.

Enough for introduction lets get to the main course. Nadeje is actually a cosy cafe specializing in selling only one type of cake, the mille crêpe. Mille crêpe is actually a type of French layer cake, which is thinly layered crust from eggs and creams(a layer of crust and a layer of cream). And it would be a bad idea to have the cake as take-away, as the texture will change if the cake was not kept refrigerated or cold enough.

the original mille crepes

A piece of green-tea mille crepes

Other than finding this idea of cake making refreshing, I do like the soft texture of the crepes a lot as well. Its like eating a mixture of ice-cream cakes with a slight taste of eggs( what else could you expect when it was layered with creams and egg crust?). But the taste of the cake was just nice( not too sweet and not too heavy). A piece of this crepes cost around RM6-7 a piece(as costly as cakes from Secret Recipe, but the texture are considerably much better). They also offer a variety of flavors, such as chocolates, strawberry, mocha and rum & raisins, just to name a few.

Not only the cakes, but other desserts are very tempting as well. They even prepare a glove-like cover for the pot to keep the tea warm. As this place is kinda famous, its not suprising to find the cafe crowded during tea-time around 3-4pm. Its definitely a must try for those visiting Malacca.

P.S: dear admin, hope that I am not doing too bad for my first post *smile*.


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